Natural Perfume Oils

Hand blended natural perfume, lovingly created in small batches from locally and globally sourced botanical ingredients. Handcrafted in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Wild Earth scents have been designed with nature and health at it's core. Reducing the toxic load that we are subjected to every day has become more important as we begin to realise the potential effects they can have on our bodies and on our environment.

Each bottle of Wild Earth Natural Perfume is hand blended using essential oils, resins, tinctures, infusions, resins and isolates derived from nature. 

Scent can change or evoke emotion, set the mood, conjure memories and in some cases, essential oils can have huge benefits on our mental health and immune system. 

I believe there are so many benefits to making the switch to natural perfume. For some people, they see a decrease in allergies, skins rashes and headaches. And for others, the emotional benefits of aromatherapy can be amazing. 

It is important to me that we operate our small business with complete transparency. There is nothing to hide and we are happy to share exactly what we put into our whole range of scent and body products. 
We get to choose what we apply to ourselves and knowing the full list of ingredients helps us to make more informed choices.

Nelly - Founder, Wild Earth.